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Candle Arch Mettenschicht, 57 cm by Klaus Kolbe

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1 Schwibbogen mit 1,5 m Schalterleitung (weiß)
57 x 40 x 13 cm
Manufaktur Klaus Kolbe
native woods (maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden, pine)

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Schwibbogen Mettenschicht in Seiffen ore mine "Rich hope", completely electrically illuminated by manufactory Klaus Kolbe from Seiffen in the Ore Mountains

The small Manufactory Klaus Kolbe in Steinhübel, a district of Seiffen has made a great name for itself. Their Schwibbögen are in the whole world admits and estimated. Exclusively by hand the valuable Schwibbögen are stamped.

Schwibbogen in limited edition

The limited to 500 pieces Schwibbogen Mettenschicht in Seiffen ore mine "Rich Hope" to the wealth of ideas of craftsmanship. They preserve a piece of Seiffen history closely connected with mining. The ore mine "Rich Hope" was built in the middle of the 15th.century. Two platforms reflect the life of miners from that time. Part is in the mine. There the miners had to go about their hard day's work early to late. The upper part is bright and shows the toy village with mountain church in winter. The contrast between hard work and life in the village is thus clearly.

Schwibbogen offers insight into mining

Rich mineral resources of the Ore Mountains led to the settlement of the region.In Seiffen the first mines arose. Miners hit with simple devices the tin and ore from the gallery passages. The Schwibbogen tells about this work in three different pictures. On the left, a hewer knocks the rock out of the mine with a hammer and mallet. It is then transported in a wheelbarrow to the lorry. On the right, the lorry filled with ore is pushed along rails through the passage, to bring it to the top.In the middle, the tradition of the mead shift is visible. The miners spend the last shift before Christmas with the miner, who gives a sermon, to receive the mountain blessing, who protects them from danger. Plain and simple is the ritual kept.

Original representation of traditions in mining

Impressive is the Schwibbogen Seiffener Mettenschicht by the unique artistic design. The gallery underground is lined with fine dark quartz, which conveys the atmosphere even more identically. It sparkles silver and gold in the corridors. Small technical details such as the wood braces and beam supports resemble the originals. The darkness is broken only by the lights of the pit lamps. The orange light shows, how dark it was in the shafts despite this lighting.

Candle arch with Seiffen village and mountain church

The upper part of the candle arch is dedicated to the toy village. In the background is the mountain church to see. The village view is faithfully reproduced with the old school building on the left and the Ore Mountain cottages. The scenery is designed, that the buildings and the church send light outside. In the foreground there is an illuminated miner's house. On the right there is the entrance to the winding shaft. Behind the opened door a miner's lamp is burning next to the winding gear. Eye-catcher in the upper part is the miner's chapel. The miners in their Sunday costumes and instruments accompany many a church service or village festivities. The finely crafted miners stand on a three-tiered pedestal. They are finely painted, equipped with many details and complement the picture perfectly. White snow-covered trees create a village idyll.

Candle arch with outstanding extraordinary details

The candle arch Seiffener Mettenschicht inspires by the detailed elaboration. Just the contrast of light and dark brings an interesting contrast. The dark underground and the bright winter landscape describe the hardship of work and the joy of life of that time. The arch of lights are decorated with five drop candles, where the holders make a reference to mining. They take up the theme below the base, by the quartz stone encloses the holders. The candle holders sit on typical mining braces. The arch is decorated with small real stones. All design elements intertwine harmoniously, so that a unified image of traditional mining in Seiffen.

Candle arch Mettenschicht in Seiffen with impressive lighting

Turn on this fascinating and beautiful 57 cm wide candle arch and immerse yourself in a bygone world. The wonderful idyll of the landscape is enhanced by the backlight. You can operate this light arch with the white switch line with two switches independently. The upper arch with the five candles and the backlight and the pit lamps can be switched on individually or together. A replacement of the glow lamps should be carried out in the event of a defect because of the technical requirements only the manufacturer.

You have made your choice? Then you can soon look forward to this noble candle arch, the not only at Christmas time offers a very special experience.


product details

product type:
candle arch | light arch
limited to:
500 Pieces
Klaus Kolbe - candle arches
Mettenschicht in Seiffener Erzgrube "Reiche Hoffnung"
Advent season, Christmas decoration
place of origin:
Kurort Seiffen | Erzgebirge
country of manufacture:
Deutschland - Made in Germany
candle arch type:
candle arch - electrically illuminated
native woods (maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden, pine)
Handmade from the Erzgebirge / Germany!, Original Klaus Kolbe!
8 x Riffelkerzen 34 V (3 W) E10
number of lights:
220 - 230 V
1 Schwibbogen mit 1,5 m Schalterleitung (weiß)
57 x 40 x 13 cm
57,00 cm
40,00 cm
13,00 cm


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