KNOX - Apotheker Hermann Zwetz

Pharmacist Hermann Zwetz KNOX: The scent masters of incense from Mohorn in the Ore Mountains

It all started with pharmacist Hermann Zwetz, who founded a smoking and mulching factory in 1902. In 1958, the distinctive brand name "Knox" was created. The family recipe for the incense is as safe as Fort Knox and has become a true cult object over the decades.

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The legendary Knox recipe is a family secret since 1902 associated with it growth and expansion:From pharmacist to market leader

The continuing success of Knox incense has enabled the company, several times to expand its production-and storage capacity. This shows: The fragrant gems from Mohorn in the Ore Mountains have found lovers far beyond the borders of Saxony.

A fragrance for every mood: Variety of Knox incense candles

The Knox incense candles come in an impressive range of fragrances therefore: from classic - herb and Christmas to exotic, flowery and fruity. Whether myrrh at Christmas time or lavender in the summer - for every mood and every season there is the right fragrance.

The colorful variety of KNOX incense candles: Colorful instead of uniform gray

Unlike other brands such as the Huss incense candles, present the Knox incense cones in a variety of colors, where each color is assigned to a particular fragrance. From natural raw materials such as charcoal, wood flour, natural resins, oils and herbs are created these colorful scented wonders.

KNOX incense and Erzgebirge tradition: An inseparable duo

Incense has its roots in air disinfection and - cleaning. Only with the development of the popular smoking men they became an essential part of the Erzgebirge folk art. Knox smoked candles and smoking men are thus an inseparable pair, that combines tradition and modernity in a fragrant way.

Our conclusion: Knox incense candles - A class of its own

With their decades of experience, the wide range of fragrances and their colorful presentation, the Knox incense candles from Mohorn in the Ore Mountains are an unmistakable product, that combines tradition and innovation masterfully. A must for all, who are looking for something special and want to carry a piece of Erzgebirge craftsmanship into the world.

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