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Art from the Erzgebirge - Tradition made of wood

Seiffen, the toy village, lives and preserves tradition in a unique way. Where the mining and dark forests once dominated life, with craftsmanship as before a hundred years of tradition brought to life. Famous all over the world, are candle archs, nutcrackers and incense smokers the epitome of the Erzgebirge handicrafts and especially in demand today like never before. Because real craft and passion for honest ones in today's world in particular, professions have a high priority impossible to put into numbers. With a love of material and detail, as well as dedication and craftsmanship, every work becomes one unique piece that differs from usual decoration in terms of quality and history. Original folk art from Seiffen stands for tradition, authenticity and master craftsmanship.

original wood art from the Erzgebirge in the online shop of Nestler Seiffen

The cultural assets of the Erzgebirge made from local wood, attention to detail and a passion for handicrafts have stood for living tradition for years. All originals from the craftsmen from Seiffen bring shapely decoration and a homely atmosphere into your home and testify to an eventful history. Our offer on includes the classics from the Erzgebirge, sometimes strictly traditional, sometimes reinterpreted, always of high quality and from manufactories in Seiffen and the Erzgebirge. Even for collectors of figurines and incense smokers we have a large selection of the most famous creators gathered for you. Nutcrackers and candle arches from KWO, the impressive christmas pyramids by Richard Glässer and shining light houses by Birgit Uhlig - the manufacturers of wood art from the Erzgebirge are numerous and create year after year unique works of art made from local woods.