WEHA-Kunst Kunstgewerbliche Werkstatt Eva Fröde - A symbol of Erzgebirge tradition and craftsmanship!

In the picturesque region of the Erzgebirge, more precisely in Dippoldiswalde, the arts and crafts workshop Eva Fröde, known as WEHA-Kunst, found its home. Founded in 1946 by Fritz Haupt, the company still stands for exquisite craftsmanship and Erzgebirge art tradition.

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From woodturning to the creation of flower girls

Fritz Haupt began his journey in the arts and crafts industry with the production of fairy tale pictures made of plywood, before he turned to woodturning Christmas figures. His enthusiasm for flower figurines, which represent different seasons with their diverse blossoms, was a major influence on the development of the company. Despite the later nationalization of the manufactory and the interim cessation of production, the "Dresden Angels" and other miniatures were able to conquer collectors' hearts worldwide.

Flower girls - detail - loving craftsmanship

The typical Erzgebirge figures of WEHA art are characterized by the highest quality standards and perfect filigree handwork. With their blue googly eyes and the graceful blossoms, the lovingly painted flowers-and meadow children enchant their lovers around the world. Eva Fröbe, the daughter of Fritz Haupt, continued to run the family business until her retirement in 2021, helping to preserve the tradition.

HODREWA - Preserving tradition and quality

The heritage of WEHA art is maintained by the company Holz-and Drechslerwaren Legler, HODREWA,continued in Olbernhau. By taking over the production of the popular flower children, HODREWA,guarantees that these delightful figures will continue to enchant the world and that the tradition of Erzgebirge craftsmanship will continue.

Our conclusion on WEHA art:

The WEHA art craft workshop Eva Fröde from Dippoldiswalde in the Erzgebirge stands for unique Erzgebirge craftsmanship and tradition. The flower children and angels made with great attention to detail are witnesses to the high quality and craftsmanship, which is expressed in the figures of WEHA-Kunst.

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